Well.ca: 25% Off Goddess Garden Natural Sunscreen

Well.ca: 25% Off Goddess Garden Natural Sunscreen


Summer will be here before you know it. And then it will be gone again and the snow will be back and the Canadians will cry. In the meantime, don't get burned by the blistering sun and don't use those chemical-laden sunscreens either. Try the happy medium of Goddess Garden natural sunscreen, now 25% off at Well.ca.

I actually don't use much sunscreen because of the fear of chemicals in it. Those "nano-chemicals" really scare me. But, as I age I am noticing sun spots sprouting up on my face and shoulders and back. The horror! Plus, everything I've read says that sunscreen is your best defence against aging and I like to be defensive. This year I am making a promise to slather myself and my kids in natural sunscreen on a daily basis.

Because you have to be very careful or greenwashing, you really only want to buy products certified as organic or natural and not just look for buzzwords that mean nothing. I also always check new products out on Skin Deep and found that Goddess Garden has a very low toxicity rating (if any), which is perfect.

For ease of use, sprays are totally the rage. The Sunny Body natural spray sunscreen looks like a good choice and they have a kids formulation for my squirmy and too quick children. Was $29.99, now $22.49.

If you want something separate for your face, and I do, the Sunny Face works well. Was $25.99, now $19.49.

Shipping is free once you spend over $25.

Photo credit: Florian Eder

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