Well.ca: $15 Off DreamWeaver Full Body Pillow (Now $84.99)

Well.ca: $15 Off DreamWeaver Full Body Pillow (Now $84.99)

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If you are pregnant or have back or hip problems like I do, or just like to snuggle something when you are sleeping, check out the DreamWeaver Full Body pillow from Well.ca. Right now it is only $84.99, was $99.99 and when price comparing I couldn't find it for less than $99.99, and in some cases it was more.

When you are getting into your later months of pregnancy, you'll realize something very important - you can't get comfortable and sleep is getting harder and harder. Considering you'll soon have a baby to keep you up at all hours, you need your rest now and you need to do what it takes to get that rest. Enter the full body pillow. Rest your legs between the pillow, your belly against it and your head on top of it and you'll actually find a comfortable position to lay yourself in!

I didn't have a full body pillow through any of my pregnancies, but at times I really, really wished I did. I used regular pillows, which would fall off the bed, weren't quite the right size and this is probably part of the reason I have hip issues!

I do remember having one as a teenager, and I also think kids would love having a body pillow to snuggle to sleep.

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