WeightWatchers Canada: 25% Discount On Your Membership!

WeightWatchers Canada: 25% Discount On Your Membership!


If anyone is contemplating joining the Weight Watchers Canada program, you might want to save a few dollars while you are shaving off those pounds! Right now, you can save 25% on the cost of your Weightwatchers membership, when you join up through the link below.



I’m never really been in these sort of programs, I’ve never really felt the need to. I can see the attraction though, especially the physical classes, where people have that  Weightwatchers support group to help them achieve their goals.


Have you ever been a Weight Watchers member? Are you a member right now? Is it worth it?


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  • The H.
    Oh my gosh, that picture and caption is HILARIOUS!!!!!
    • Bibliophile
      I've been a member. Their online site helped me lose a significant amount of weight. I'm planning to join again soon. Since I've been off the plan, I haven't been able to lose any on my own. I guess I need the incentive that it gives me.
      • Nicole
        I am an online member...love the tools, recipes and resources. Think its a great plan...losing weight and staying on track :)
        • Anna
          Thanks for the positive comments guys. Good to hear it works!
          • Judy
            I've lost over 45 pounds on WW so far. Another 10 to go! It's the easiest and most manageable thing I've ever done! It's an entire lifestyle and one that I'm so happy I got involved with.