Weight Watchers Online: Save 35% On 3 Month Plans (No Sign-up Fees)

Weight Watchers Online: Save 35% On 3 Month Plans (No Sign-up Fees)

(Bumping this post - deal has been extended and it's pretty popular with the Bargainmoosers) The New Year is almost here and for many people that means starting a new eating plan and exercise program. WeightWatchers.ca has a new Points Plus 2012 System that will help you to lose weight successfully since it promotes healthy habits, a supportive environment, and exercise, in addition to making smarter food choices. Plus they're currently waiving the $39.95 signup fee!

For the special offer, you are signing up to the 3 month plan, and you must complete the full term of the plan, to qualify for the full savings.

Back in October I had a weigh in at the doctor's office and the nurse wanted to round my weight up (WHAT!?) into a weight category that I'd never been into except while pregnant. So when I got home, I decided that it was time to rejoin Weight Watchers, a program I had used successfully in the past.

I signed up for the Weight Watchers program which is an online program that you can follow at your own pace and on your own time.

What I liked about the Weight Watchers online program is that I didn't have to attend a scheduled meeting which can be a challenge when you have small children or an unpredictable work schedule. I also liked that I was in charge of my weigh in - so I could do it first thing in the morning and on my own scale.

What I liked best about the Points Plus program is that most fruits and vegetables are zero points! You can really stay full when you incorporate the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables into your day.

The Weight Watchers online program is easy to follow, you get emails to keep you on track and at any time you can log in to the online website where you can find recipes, go on the message boards and track your points. If you've got an iPad or iPhone, you're going to want to get the Weight Watchers mobile app, so you can track your points while you are on the go!

What can I say, it works! I lost almost 10 pounds so far! And as they say at Weight Watchers - Believe....because it works!

(Ends 29th February 2012)


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  • kookamunga
    When signing up, it asks for your weight.. I'm not sure what my exact weight is right now, and have plans to purchase a scale this upcoming weekend... do you know if it's possible to edit weight after signing up?