Weight Watchers Online: Save 25% Off Three Month Savings Plan

Weight Watchers Online: Save 25% Off Three Month Savings Plan

Until 9th April 2012, sign up for Weight Watchers Online 3 Month Savings Plan and save 25% off!

The Weight Watchers online 3-Month Savings Plan includes a sign up fee of $39.95 and three months ($21.95/month) for a total of $105.80. With the 25% discount, you get three months for $79. You can see how signing up for three months is a better deal when you compare it to the standard monthly plan which also charges a $39.95 sign up fee as well as monthly fees of $21.95 per month for a first month's total of $61.90. For only $17.10 you get an additional two months when you sign up with the 3 Month Savings Plan with Weight Watchers Online.

I'm ready to commit to Weight Watchers again having stopped using the plan a while back. While I have maintained my weight over the past few months, I have not lost anything either. By following Weight Watchers online, I hope to get to my 10% weight loss goal in the next 8 weeks - totally within Weight Watchers guidelines of 1-2 pounds lost per week.

Expires: 9th April, 2012


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  • Susan
    I notice on the link you've provided that the savings look to be 20% and not 25%. Am I mistaken?
    • Anna
      Oh Susan, I am sorry! I have fixed the link, and there's now a difference of a further $6... please try it now. Many thanks!