Half Price Subscriptions for Easter @ Weight Watchers

Half Price Subscriptions for Easter @ Weight Watchers

I can eat just one more Easter chocolate right? Maybe I'll get back to my healthy, balanced lifestyle tomorrow! I've been curious about Weight Watchers for years, but have yet to give it a try. I've always been convinced that I can motivate myself. I'm very active and eat well, but lately have found that with two little kids and a very busy life, it's been a challenge. I've heard great things about Weight Watchers programs for years and watched the success that my friends and family have had, plus if it's good enough for Oprah... am I right?!

Right now you can get half off a three month or six month Weight Watchers subscription. If you have been on the fence about it, maybe concerned about busting your budget, then this could be the perfect time to try.

The Weight Watchers Easter Sale starts today and runs through April 2nd. During this promotion, you can get 50% off three month or six month subscriptions including both their online or local meeting options.

The six month option is definitely the better price point. Originally $136.54 for the online subscription and $320.71 for the local meetings option, with 50% off, you'll be left paying just $68.27 or $160.36. Not bad! The three month online plan will be just $43.25 after discounts and the three month local visit plan will be $95.43 after all discounts.

You know what I think the best part of the Weight Watchers philosophy is? If I want that chocolate egg, I can have it! Balance. Sounds good to me.

Have you ever done Weight Watchers? Which program did you choose and how did it go?

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