Walmart Canada: RCA 32" Direct LED HD TV $178 (Save $40)

Walmart Canada: RCA 32" Direct LED HD TV $178 (Save $40)


Walmart Canada's anniversary event is now on and they have a truckload of deals on their website. One of the deals that jumped out at me was this RCA 32" Direct LED HD TV on sale for $178 from $218. It is a very inexpensive option for those in need of a new television.

I was pretty surprised that this TV has actually received a ton of great reviews. With ninety-five reviews, the TV averaged a 4/5 ranking. That ranking is achieved through the cost benefit analysis that most reviewers present. They acknowledge that this is an entry level TV and has 720 instead of 1080. However, they also talk about how crisp and clear the picture is even with the lower HD. Many reviewers mention how this TV is the best they have found in the $300 and below range and certainly the best for under $250. Now that the TV is on sale, it is now unrivaled in quality under the $200 price tag.

If you have a lower budget but need a decent TV, get this one.

Walmart will ship this TV to you for free.

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