Walmart Canada: Free Movie Tickets With Digital Pictures!

Walmart Canada: Free Movie Tickets With Digital Pictures!

I spotted this deal in a recent email newsletter from Walmart photocentre. It's a deal for buying photo prints and getting free movie tickets!

The newsletter doesn't tell me very much information, such as which movie theatres it would be valid for. Here is the only info I have just now:

  • 120 instant photo prints - get 1 movie ticket
  • 200 instant photo prints - get 2 movie tickets
  • 350 instant photo prints - get 3 movie tickets

The email didn't state the regular prices of the pictures from the Kodak Picture Kiosk, so I am not sure if they will  be really high compared to other places.

I reckon if you were going to be printing out a load of your digital pictures anyway, then it would be ideal. Having just had a new baby, I am taking a MILLION pictures and I will need to get some printed out!!


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  • brianne s.
    regular price for instant is .29 cents at our local store which is really high.... better off to go to Costco, play regular price and get one of the movie packages they sell there :)