Walmart Canada: Dyson DC34 Animal Handheld Vacuum Was $230 | Now $180 & Free Shipping

Walmart Canada: Dyson DC34 Animal Handheld Vacuum Was $230 | Now $180 & Free Shipping


This morning my son decided to pour out an entire family sized box of cereal into his bowl and didn't happen to stop once his bowl was full. Rice Krispies are seriously the bane of my existence. They are impossible to sweep up and I hate to have to get the vacuum out every time they make a little or big mess. I've decided I want a hand-held vacuum, but being a Dyson enthusiast, of course I want to keep that brand! I found a hot deal on at Walmart right now, with the Dyson DC34 on sale from $229.97 down to $179.97. Normally when Dyson vacuums go on sale, they go on sale everywhere, but this time that is not the case. I couldn't find this vacuum for less than regular price anywhere!

This is not your grandma's dustbuster! It has Dyson's well-known no-loss-of-suction technology. It is super lightweight, easy to empty (remember emptying those dustbusters? so gross!) and has an Energy Star battery charger so you aren't wondering why your Hydro bill went up just because you have a portable vacuum plugged in.

This also isn't called the animal for nothing, it is supposed to be great at removing animal hair, which can make it fantastic for cleaning out the car, where those little hairs embed into the seat covers (along with all the food your toddler smushed into it).

I also like that with Dyson you don't need to purchase new filters, you just wash the one that is in there. There are 328 reviews on Walmart's site for this model of vacuum, giving it a total of 4.6 stars (we can't all be perfect). The reviewers love the battery time, the portability and their customer service. Having had a Dyson for almost nine years and it is still kicking strong after tons of abuse, I have to agree. The hose on my vacuum has ripped a few times (which is bound to happen) and they very quickly sent me a new one a few times!

As for price comparisons on this model, like I said everyone is selling it for $229.99 like:

I could go on, but you might get bored. Free shipping applies on this purchase.

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  • Lisa H.
    Costco has it for $169.00
    • Anna W.
      This isn't sold online at Costco... if you mean in-store, we cannot really compare that - it could be different at many locations plus you have to have amembership.