Walmart Canada: 50% Off 400W Fog Machine - Now $14.50

Walmart Canada: 50% Off 400W Fog Machine - Now $14.50


Walmart Canada has a 400W fog machine just perfect for Halloween on sale for $14.50 from $29 with free shipping.

Oh, the many things you can use a fog machine for. The best, of course, is to place it near your front entrance and obscure the door through a pillar of fog. Then, have something triggered via motion sensor that pops out of the fog when someone walks up to your house to Trick or Treat. It will scare them senseless!

The fog machine comes with a wireless control set (transmitter, receiver), a handle, and two screws for mounting your fog machine. It does not come with fog juice; you will have to buy that separately. This is a great little unit at a cheap price for increasing your scares or using as decor. Here is what one reviewer said:

I bought this machine 2 weeks ago for parties that i host inside my apartment. The unit runs great, but it's a good idea to buy a lot of juice. up to now, i am really satisfied with my purchase. The wireless controller is an awesome idea, works really well.

Now, if you are looking for a bigger, scarier, and foggier fog machine, then I have the unit for you. This 1000W fog machine is on sale from $59 down to $29.50. Yes, it is also 50% off and you get over twice the watts. This machine comes with a wired remote and it is recommended for indoor use. You could always buy two and have the first unit for your front door and the second unit to fill a room with fog for your awesome Halloween party.

Either way, I think both of these are fantastic buys at 50% off. Be sure to pick up some fog juice to make your machines run. A half-gallon of Fog Solution costs $9 at Walmart Canada. One reviewer said:

Didn't have high hopes for this one considering the price . After trying I was more than happy with the fog output . Almost as dense as brand name fluid I normally buy . Will purchase more of this very soon .

All my local stores are sold out of the stuff so I expect to see some fog machines running in my city soon.

By the way, I had super problems with getting the 'add to cart' button to show on Firefox. I had to change my browser to Chrome. If you have problems, try that.

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