WagJag Canada: SiriusXM Satelite Radio & 3 Month Subscription For Only $20 (Save 85%)

WagJag Canada: SiriusXM Satelite Radio & 3 Month Subscription For Only $20 (Save 85%)

Radio is awesome. Satellite radio is better. I'm being totally sirius about that. Not a joke. Know what else isn't a joke? WagJag's ridiculous deal on a SiriusXM Radio with a three month subscription!

I wasn't kidding when I said radio is awesome. The problem with radio is that it's run by people who rely on a broken mode of delivery. Not the over-the-air radio signals but rather the mandatory time slot. There is a reason that so many people have cable or satellite with 900 channels, 700 of which are time shifted versions of themselves, on-demand and PVRs. There is a reason people have Netflix and buy shows off of Youtube. There is a reason why smart radio outlets like CBC radio, provide podcasts. People do not want be tied to a specific time. I work overnight so if a show I really like is on the radio at 1:00 PM, I'm not going to listen to it. I'm going to sleep. SiriusXM resolves this issue very well but in a different way.

Traditional music radio often has specific times dedicated to specific sub-genres of music. So the rock station might have two hours of metal starting at 9:00PM, one hour of classic rock at 11:00PM and just general rock music the rest of the time. You can't fix this with a podcast because then you're letting people download music for free on the Internet which we all know is evil. SiriusXM does something else to fix the mandatory time slot issue in music. They have a channel that is nothing but classic rock and one that is only metal and one that is only general rock. As far as talk radio goes, if you only want health talk, there is a channel for that, if you only want sports talk, there is a channel for that, even if you just like CBC Radio, they have their own channel!

The deal comes with three months of SiriusXM service and includes activation fees and music royalty fees. Remember that SiriusXM will auto-renew your subscription after the three months so if you don't want to pay, you have to call them and cancel. You also get an XM Snap! radio which isn't anything special but it does have the option to connect via 3.5mm AUX jack or FM Receiver and displays artist/track/program/channel and has a fairly simple control set.

This deal does not include taxes or shipping.

(Expires: 7th April 2013)


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