WagJag Canada: Get $5 Off Your Next Grocery Purchase

WagJag Canada: Get $5 Off Your Next Grocery Purchase

If you haven't shopped WagJag grocery before, or even if you do it all the time, you have even more incentive to do so. Get an additional $5 off your next purchase, now on for a few more days. What this means is that you'll make your grocery purchase, and you'll get a $5 WagJag credit emailed or mailed to you.

I've never used WagJag grocery, but after spending way too much on groceries once again today, I want to look into some alternatives to save money. Each deal is different, with some needing to be picked up from select locations, some being coupons, and some that are directly shipped to you.

The deals vary depending on your city, so I won't link you to any specific deal, you can check them out for yourself. Each deal tells you how you'll get your credit, so be aware of that before you shop.

(Expiry: 15th September 2013)


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