WagJag Canada: 40% Off xBox 360 & Kinect & 2 Games! (Now $199)

WagJag Canada: 40% Off xBox 360 & Kinect & 2 Games! (Now $199)

With this superfantastic deal from WagJag, there is no reason not to own an xBox 360 anymore!

That intro was a lie. Maybe you just don't want an xBox 360. I'm okay with that. I understand. Especially if you already have a PS3 or an xBox 360. For those of you who want one, this is a great chance to get one for super cheap. Also, Superfantastic is a word. Look it up. No, don't. That was also a lie.

This is what the deal includes:

  • 4GB xBox 360
  • Kinect Sensor
  • Two games - Kinect Disneyland Adventures and Kinect Adventures
  • One controller

The games included aren't the best things out there but they are fun enough to toy around with and to test the Kinect. The retail price of this package is $338 but you get it for only $199. You save $139! This deal is limited so if you're gonna get one, get one now. Shipping is included in the price.

(Expires: 27th April 2013, 11:59PM ET)


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