Vistaprint Freebies: 10th Anniversary Sale

Vistaprint Freebies: 10th Anniversary Sale


To celebrate its 10th Anniversary, Vistaprint is offering their top 10 products for free, with bonus free shipping.

The free products you can snag are: business cards, return address labels, rubber stamp, sticky notes, wall calendar, photo flip book, tote bag, mug, notepad with photo and mouse pad.

I placed an order for everything on the top 10 list except for the mouse pad and notepad. My total was $16.93, including GST. Although the promotion says free shipping, the shipping and processing fees are lumped together. Not too bad considering all of the products I ordered.

It took me about an hour to complete my order. You have to click past lots of add-ons for each item you add. After I added each item to my cart, I retyped the web address for the 10th anniversary savings pageso that I could easily find the free product page again.


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  • Steven
    I've also ordered many times from Vistaprint and they offer high quality at a great value, but as Anna said, they try to up-sell everything on their site, so you have to navigate through it.
    • sabrina
      the shipping is not free as advertised
      • Robin
        I am not seeing the ten "free" items. The return address labels, sticky notes and calendar all have a cost associated with them-and are not listed as "free" on the anniversary page.
        • Jodie
          I checked both links above and the anniversary items are showing up as free.
          • Daisy
            I put together a "free" photo book and after I checked out the screen for shipping costs came up pre-selected and there was no free shipping option at all. I was charged $7.95 for shipping and processing. Maybe the shipping was free and the processing was $7.95. I don't know how you only paid $16.95 for all the products you ordered.
            • Jodie
              It seemed like the first item was the most expensive (processing fees) and the other additional items didn't really add much more.
            • Tania
              I also found that a lot of stuff on the anniversary page was no longer "free". Also, watch out at checkout. They try to get you to add some things on to your order and if you don't read what you're clicking on carefully, you end up accepting an add-on that you never wanted. Annoying that the site tries to trick the customer at every turn.
              • Dini
                I, too, found that the return address labels, sticky notes and calendar all have a cost associated with them, but I took advantage of the rest of the free items!
                • Jodie
                  Very strange! On my laptop, the anniversary page loads with all of the free items, but when I bring up the site on my ipad, the items mentioned above are not listed as free. Don't know how to explain that!
                  • Cathleen
                    Yeah, it's kind of strange. When I followed the link the page says "top 10 products free" but only 7 are listed as free. When I tried adding the others, just to test, they weren't free. And I'm definitely not getting free shipping (although that's not advertised anywhere on their site). Emailing them for help figuring this out didn't result in much success. They did reply, but very quickly and cryptically.