Venngo Perks: Save $$$ On Everything With Membership

Venngo Perks: Save $$$ On Everything With Membership


I want to introduce you to a new site we found called Venngo Perks. With your paid membership, you can get "perks" and save money with these perks on so many stores, restaurants, entertainment and travel.

A membership is $49.99, but it has the potential to save you much more than that. There are over 1000 Canadian businesses listed that you can enjoy perks with and the perks change from time to time.

My family likes to eat out from time to time and one of our favourite restaurants for both taking the kids or leaving them at home, is Milestones. With Venngo Perks, you can save 20% off your entire meal and non-alcoholic beverage purchase.

There are some online perks in there too, like getting 13% off New Balance shoes and more at Fit4Balance. This store also offers free shipping, so this is a win-win.

If you travel on Via Rail often, you'll love that your Venngo Perks will get you 10% the best available web fare. No more waiting until Tuesday to travel!

Signing up and managing your account is easy. You can set your location so you get the most up-to-date and local deals. If you are wondering what you could be saving by having a membership, check out the My Perks calculator. Venngo Perks sort of reminds me of Costco, except that there is no warehouse to go to and you can save on much more than just goods.

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  • Elaine
    Would you be able to list a few more companies that are part of this? I'm hesitant to pay the amount without seeing what kind of discounts I could get. Thanks!
    • Eva W.
      There are quite a few listed on their front page. Can you see them? They change often as well with more offers being added each day.