Vans Toddler Ice Cream Asher V Sneakers $50 Shipped

Vans Toddler Ice Cream Asher V Sneakers $50 Shipped

I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to summer. I'm seriously counting down the days until it's warm enough to wear sandals, go to the beach and hear ice cream trucks driving through the neighbourhood again.

And if your little ones need new shoes this spring and summer, you have to check these out. Vans now sells toddler-sized Asher V sneakers that look like ice cream cones!

Each pair sells for $50 directly from the Vans Canada website, and they're some of the cutest shoes we've seen in a long time.

They're pretty similar in design to the Toddler Asher V Unicorn shoes – but instead of a horn, there's an upside-down ice cream cone balanced on the toes! They also come complete with a waffle-patterned sole (that has rainbow colours on the bottom). What more could a kid ask for?

And if you're looking for something to fit older kids (aka yourself), check out these bubblegum pink Ice Cream Glitter Authentic Shoes. They're also available in yellow and sell for $75 a pair! As always, shipping and returns are free across Canada on just about every order.


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