This Baby Seat Promotes Better Posture

... and it's on sale for $24.02 off at Babies R Us!
This Baby Seat Promotes Better Posture

You might have seen this on Dragon's Den already, but if not, allow me to introduce you to UpSeat. It's a baby seat that was developed in conjunction with physical therapists to help your kiddo sit up straight and improve their posture – and right now, you can pick one up on sale at Babies R Us!

The UpSeat usually sells for about $119.99 just about everywhere in Canada. If you hurry though, you should still be able to get a grey one online for $95.97 shipped. And while I know that might seem a little steep for a baby seat, you can use this one as both a floor seat and booster seat for mealtimes.

So how does it work? UpSeat slightly tilts an infant's pelvis forward. This engages their core muscles to help them stay balanced, and it slightly splays their legs to promote with healthy hip development. Basically, this thing keeps your little ones from slouching and potentially injuring or slowing the growth of key muscles and joints – and if I ever have kids, I definitely plan to put something like this on my baby registry.

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