Up to 73% Off 1000 Piece Puzzles - Under $7! @ Amazon.ca

Up to 73% Off 1000 Piece Puzzles - Under $7! @ Amazon.ca


I am a puzzler like many of you are and I have been recently looking to expand my puzzle collection on a budget. Over at Amazon Canada, there is a great selection of puzzles. I found a selection of puzzles on sale for up to 73% off AND they are all under $7! We are talking substantial puzzles of 1000 pieces.

I just used $7 as a cut-off point because there are a huge number of puzzles on sale for Black Friday. Really, it is a puzzler's dream. This Eurographics Ever Interceding Puzzle (Small Box) (1000-Piece) is an unheard of price for a puzzle this large! The 1000-piece puzzle was $15.99 and is now only $4.93! Because the puzzle is such a low price, it is now an 'add-on item' that will ship with orders of $25 or more. Not to fear, we have plenty of puzzles that are not add-ons as well.

This Eurographics The World of Bees 1000-Piece Puzzle is on sale from $19.99 down to $5.47. This one comes in a regular box (the one above comes in a small box) thus why the starting price is higher. Even so, you are getting 73% off this puzzle. There are plenty more 'dangerous and painful creature' puzzle to choose from:

The Fish Shellfish Mollusks 1000-Piece Puzzle is another puzzle you will find for under $6. Originally $19.99, this puzzle is now on sale for $5.98. You can also pick up this Sea Fish 1000-Piece Puzzle to further your underwater theme. Originally $19.99, this puzzle is now $6.68. Fish puzzles are not really my thing, but there are plenty more fish - er- puzzles in the sea.

Dinosaurs are big this year, and you can remind yourself of all the wonderful types of dinosaurs there are with this Dinosaurs 1000-Piece Puzzle. Originally $19.99, the puzzle is now $6.06.

Personally, I prefer scenes to schematics. The Eurographics Creation of Adam by Michaelangelo 1000-Piece Puzzle is bound to be a favourite and a rather challenging puzzle as well. Originally $19.99, this puzzle is on sale for $6.88.

Personally, I will probably end up buying the Eurographics Lion and Baby 1000-Piece Puzzle. There are only two left in stock so I better hurry. Originally $19.99, this puzzle is now $6.62.

For sports fans, try out the White Mountain Puzzles Baltimore Ravens - 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle on sale from $17.91 down to $6.72.

There are a lot more puzzles on sale for amazing deals through the main link. I really hope you like these Black Friday deals and let me know which puzzles you buy! Receive free shipping on $25 or more.

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