Up to 50% Off - Saxx Underwear from $14 & Free Shipping @ The Last Hunt

Up to 50% Off - Saxx Underwear from $14 & Free Shipping @ The Last Hunt


Saxx underwear are super popular with the guys these days and now is your opportunity to pick up a few pairs for up to 50% off with prices start at just $13.99. The Last Hunt is offering free shipping on any order with coupon codeFREE for the next few days.

These underwear are going to go FAST so get your order in now. I think the Men's Ultra Modern Fit Trunk will be the most popular style as it has a great leg line for men of all heights, whether you are short or tall. Originally $29.99, these boxers are on sale for $14.99. Between the different colours, sizes small, medium, large, and extra-large are still in stock. This trunk also has one of the largest size selections available right now as Saxx underwear is being bought up quickly at this price.

The Men's Vibe Modern Fit Boxer also has a great size selection right now. Originally $31.99, these boxers are on sale for $17.99 (43% off). The longer leg line is great for taller gentlemen. Sizes small through extra-large are represented among the colours.

Next, the Men's Ultra Modern Fit Boxer has a longer leg line for those men wanting an extra layer of warmth come the winter. Originally $29.99, these boxer style bottoms are on sale for $14.99. You can still find medium, large, and extra-large in stock at this time.

There are some options for larger men as well. The Men's Ultra Brief Fly comes in large and XXL right now. Originally $25.99, the brief is now on sale for $13.99, which is the cheapest of the sale section Saxx underwear.

You still have two other style choices but sizing becomes quite limited once when get to these. The Men's Ultra Boxer Fly was $29.99 and is now $14.99. It has extra-small in stock, which is great because none of the above pairs covered that size yet. Lastly, the Men's Pro Elite Boxer is on sale from $29.99 down to $17.99. Choose from large or extra-large.

I am pretty stoked at this deal because you get awesome performance underwear for up to 50% off. Plus, you receive free shipping. On top of that, all sizes from XS through XXL are currently represented. Essentially, there is a pair for any man right now.

(Expiry: 1st October 2015)


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