University Survival Guide - iTunes App Style

University Survival Guide - iTunes App Style


I recently got sent an invaluable resource by iTunes, and I use that word rarely.. so it means something to me. While I was wandering through my weekend email from iTunes about the recent crap music and TV shows that are out to buy/pre order, and all the various things I don't need and am not going to buy... I spied an icon that said University Survival Guide. Honestly, this guide applies to anyone in any sort of education, be it junior high, high school, college, part-time, or university. Being in university and trying to find a way to better manage my course load I checked it out.

The Basics: The University Survival Guide is a selection of 39 Apps compatible with either your iTouch, iPad, or iPhone that make your life as a student easier. They costing between $0 to $24.99. They range from fun stuff like Facebook, Twitter, Rate My Proff - to your note taking apps like InClass and Momento. There are your dictionary apps... and if you are writing any papers you will recognise the need for My APA or My MLA, whichever one you are required to abide by. There is even a Shakespeare Pro app, if you are having some difficulties (who doesn't have problems with the bard?).

My review: So far some apps have been hit and miss, but the hits have been right on. My favourite app that I now couldn't live without is inClass. I take notes on it, and I have them organized by term, class, date, proff, etc. It is simple.. effective.. colour coded. It is WONDERFUL! I will soon be buying My APA as I am a Psyc student, and we live by the APA law. Wunderlist looks promising but it is designed for a iPhone not an iPad so I am hoping to find an iPad equivalent. I haven't made it through even all the free apps yet, but they do have some really great stuff there.

I highly suggest checkout out this list. If you have any need to get your life/schedule organized or need help writing this is a great list of apps.


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