Under Armour Canada: Outlet Shop Now Open

Under Armour Canada: Outlet Shop Now Open

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Under Armour has opened their outlet shop and you can find a wide range of discounts on a huge number of products.

I recently saw the movie Lone Survivor with my future husband Mark Wahlberg. Totally amazing movie, I have to say, and normally this would not be a movie I would like, but my husband picked it and since M.W. was in it, I had to do what my husband wanted. Anyway, I noticed that at a part where he is in his skivvies (now you want to see it too, don't you?), the Under Armour brand is very prominent. He also wears an Under Armour undershirt. Before, brands weren't so featured in movies, but I've read that companies have to find a way to advertise, since people really don't watch commercials any longer. The tough guy and hero character that Mark Wahlberg plays in the movie really fits the Under Armour image, so this was a very smooth play. I feel like running out and buying a pair for my man just because. It worked for Calvin.

Not simply because M.W. wears it, Under Armour really is a great brand, and is as tough as the Lone Survivor. They carry more than just underthings, including outerwear, shoes, workout gear and more for him, her and the little hims and hers. Some of the best deals I saw:

Shipping is free when you spend over $75.

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