Uncle Burgers For $3 Each @ A&W Canada!

Uncle Burgers For $3 Each @ A&W Canada!

Oh man – the picture of the burger on the free printable coupon for A&W is really making me hungry! The Uncle Burger just looks so juicy! If you use the discount coupon in-store @ A&W Canada, you can score yourself an Uncle Burger for only $3.

Click here to print out your free coupon for cheaper Uncle Burgers from AW.ca! (Expires 3rd May 2009)

Oh, and as far as I know, you can put the coupon discount towards a meal deal as well. For example, if the above coupon takes $3.99 off the price of an Uncle Burger on its own, if the meal deal was $9.99, you’d get $3.99 off that price.

I love A&W’s root beer too! It’s so sweet and delicious. My mom does not agree however… while out shopping recently, I bought a little bottle of it to carry round with me. I offered her a sip, and when she tasted it, she just screwed up her face and made some comment involving the word horrible.

I think A&W burgers are the tastiest fast-food burgers, in my humble opinion - definitely better than Mickey D’s and Burger King. Do you agree?

Hey – I just noticed fast food is an anagram of fats food. Heh.


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  • Julie
    these coupons are not redeemable at my local A&W's, at least 5, and counting,,,Edmonton, Ab
    • Anna
      Aggg that's a shame. These are national coupons, yet they leave it up to the discretion of each individual location. If you have the time, I'd drop a quick word of complaint by email to their head office.
      • blondie
        these coupons worked great my boys loved them! Richmond Square location British Columbia.
        • Anna
          Excellent news blondie, thanks for letting me know :)