Try Water Beads For An Awesome Summer Toy!

Try Water Beads For An Awesome Summer Toy!

One of the best things I did last summer was filling the water table with water beads and letting the kids go. I read an entire trashy novel while the kids played with these squishy beads. Ok, I will be honest. I enjoyed playing with them as well.

What are water beads? Water beads are tiny water absorbent polymer. Just put them in water and they grow over time to form large gooey gelatinous-like balls that kids love to play with. They can be played with like sand or water without all the mess. Kids love watching them grow and enjoy running their hands through the rainbow of color. They fill up toy trucks and make a yummy pretend picnic. You can even use them to fill the water guns!

One 10 gram packet of water crystals expands to over 2 cups of beads. That buys a lot of playtime me time.

Your water beads will ship for free if you spend $35.


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  • NIcyHH111

    Cute idea at first, thought it was cool but then considered the safety risk for younger ones, putting them in their mouth or ears, not to forget the impact on the cute as the idea sounds I will pass on that one...

    • rudiger

      I would have to agree with you on both accounts