True Cuddles: Wee Step Shoes at 40% off ($15.59 + Shipping)

True Cuddles: Wee Step Shoes at 40% off ($15.59 + Shipping)

Over at True Cuddles this week, they have a 40% deal happening on Wee Step Shoes for baby!

All prices are $15.59, and shipping is a flat-rate of $4.99 in Canada.

These baby shoes are handmade of sturdy natural leather with slip resistant soles.  They come in a variety of colors & sizes that will outlast baby. The three designs are: Daisy for girls, Froggy for boys and red Maple Leaf’s for Canada Day.  Even though True Cuddles states boys & girls, the design is such that either can wear them.

My teenage years were spent in northern Canada where I saw babies & toddlers in moccasins as opposed to the firmer, walking shoes.  Everyone learned to walk no matter what they had on their feet. I would recommend using these ‘slipper’ shoes as slippers until taking your youngster to a podiatrist.  A podiatrist would be able to determine whether your little one needs support for their ankle or foot.

I loved to put my daughter in sandals, like a gypsy girl!  Then found out she needed ankle support to strengthen her foot, so I bought the traditional baby walking shoes. It only took a few months but it was well worth using them first.

NOTE: I like to track who provides PayPal purchases because I don’t use a credit cards and know of many others that were once caught in the ‘credit’ trap.  Now we use cash or debit…thus we remain debt free.  Thanks to stores like True Cuddles now accepting PayPal we can shop on line too.

(Expiry 7th June 2012)


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  • Heather
    I noticed on FB that these expire tonight and a new deal is up tomorrow.
    • Anna W.
      Thanks Heather!