TriceraTACO Dinosaur Taco Holder on Sale for $9.71

TriceraTACO Dinosaur Taco Holder on Sale for $9.71

By now, you've probably seen or heard of this amazing little kitchen gadget. But if you don't have one (or a bunch) of your own yet, the TriceraTACO is now available for the lowest price we've ever seen at Chapters Indigo!

The TriceraTACO is a triceratops-shaped taco holder (hence the name), and it's sure to make your next Taco Tuesday even more fun.

It's made from food-safe plastic and has room to hold two tacos on its back. Chapters usually sells them for $12.95, but for a limited time, you can get one for $9.71!

And if Chapters does sell out of them before you have a chance to buy one, they're available for the same sale price at (as an add-on item).

Plus, to make any mealtime extra special for your kiddos, you can also get this Me Time Meal Set for $11.21 from $14.95. It comes with a fire truck-shaped plate and two kid-sized utensils.

Shipping to a store or on orders over $25 is free.


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