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The folks over at are commemorating Earth Day (22nd April) by doing some special offers on eco-friendly hotels. They say that there is up to 40% off in this promotion.

So, if you are planning a break and you like the thought that your hotel is eco-friendly, have a browse through their vacation offerings.

You can narrow down the selection to Canada only, or change it to the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Mexico, or US cities. Also, you can see the prices for hotel only, or you can include a flight too, to see the final price.

Speaking of exotic vacation destinations, I am hoping to get married next year, so I need to decide on a location to visit for the honeymoon. I've never been to Mexico and it's always a place I've wanted to visit. I don't think it would be great with a two-year old daughter in tow though, so I was hoping to farm her out to relatives for a week. I hope it's possible! Mexico calls...

There's a cute little video on their page about the eco-bunnies! It's all about zeroing out your carbon footprint by off-setting the cost, donating to organisations that can do so. Good idea! It's on the bottom left of the above page, if you want to see it.

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