Toys R Us Canada: Avigo 6 Volt Girls ATV Was $90 | Now $60

Toys R Us Canada: Avigo 6 Volt Girls ATV Was $90 | Now $60


When you go to Toys R Us do your kids automatically run to the back of the store and sit on the ride-ons and never want to leave? I know I'm not alone with this one and my 9-year-old still does it. I never ended up buying them an electric ride-on and sometimes I feel like I regret it, but I wasn't interested in paying upwards of $400 for one. I found a sweet deal at Toys R Us while searching their clearance section. Get the Avigo 6 volt girl's ATV with a regular price of $89.99, down to $59.98. You may be wondering about shipping an item this large and while it says $10 off shipping, to my home that came to only $2!

Toys R Us doesn't say much about this ride-on ATV and Avigo is actually the Toys R Us brand. But, I can tell you from searching the web that this is a fantastic price for a ride-on of this type with a 6 volt battery. Walmart is the king of cheap toys and what I found was this KidTrax 6 volt electric quad selling for $88, but is also out of stock. The boy's version is also out of stock. Sears also has a 6 volt ride on, made by Disney so you are going to pay more for that brand, but considering the battery is the same, you are paying for the figures on the outside of the ATV. And you are going to pay $30 more as the price is $89.99. Both comparable models have fantastic reviews, which leads me to believe the Avigo brand ride on will also have similar reviews.

My issue with ride-ons was that I wanted to wear my kids out and get them some exercise. But then we'd go on walks and my kids would wear out way before me or the dog did and couldn't make it home. I spent so much time carrying my kid and their bike, scooter or plasma car, while holding my dog. Those were fun days. For walks on the path and to the park, this ride-on would have been the perfect way to get them from A to B, especially once they wouldn't sit in a stroller or wagon.

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