Toys R Us: $70 Off a Safety 1st Lux Hype High Chair (now $80)

Toys R Us: $70 Off a Safety 1st Lux Hype High Chair (now $80)

Toys R Us

Found a great bargain at Toys R Us, a Safety 1st Lux Hype High Chair by Tribeca for only $79.98, originally $149.99! You are saving $70.

I don't know much about high chairs, but there are several reviews on the website and here are some I thought might be helpful:

I liked how compact the chair became, great for travel. And the extra tray cover makes it easy to clean. A bit hard to open unless you have three hands. But hubby has no problem with it, so maybe it's just me. The problem I had is that there is a bar that holds the tray up that wont detach like most seats...

Really nice compact chair, great for when space is an issue, or even travel to other people's homes. Very easy to set up and clean.

I found this to exceed my expectations, great for small babies, nice 5 point harness and plastic part between legs attached to the seat wonderful for small babies who could slip out with out it. FOLDS FLAT!!!! no assembly required!! tray that fits in dishwasher! I can't say enough about this great chair at a reasonable price.

... Overall, if you are looking for a chair that is easily portable and won't be moved around alot this could be a good product for you. However, its size restriction and lack of wheels is definitely an issue to consider.

Overall it had a 4/5 star rating. If you are in need of a High Chair for your wee one, maybe check this one out.


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