Toronto Zoo Admission: 15% Discount On Membership

Toronto Zoo Admission: 15% Discount On Membership


Since my very popular post about Toronto Zoo coupons last year, the deals for Toronto Zoo admission have been few and far between. But if you love the zoo, and might be interested in taking out an annual membership, then there is a good deal available this month, April 2010.

The deal is this - become a member and get a 15% discount on the membership costs.

For example, a one year membership for an adult would normally be $65, but it is now $55.25 (inc GST). Or a family membership for 2 adults and 4 children would be $114.75 instead of the regular $135.

When you consider the regular costs of going to the Zoo, it might well be worth taking out this annual pass, especially if you plan on visiting a few times this year. Keep in mind that the regaulr adult cost is about $21, and $13 for a child.

(Ends 30th April 2010)


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  • Natasha
    This is an awesome deal! 2 visits will cover the entrance fees and parking, so we totally signed up for it. Now we can stroll just bits of the zoo like a giant park, without having to worry about getting our money's worth in just one visit. Yay!
    • Anna
      Yeah, you won't feel rushed at all! I've been to various zoos round the world and you just feel you have to see everything in one day :)