Have Boys? This Toilet Target Light is a MUST

It might be the thing to finally save your bathroom floor
Have Boys? This Toilet Target Light is a MUST

Know somebody who could stand to improve their aim? Well, I may have just found something that can help. The Toilet Target Light is available now at Urban Outfitters Canada, and it's pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a light that shines into your toilet to help your kids (or you) take aim and fire.

I have no problem throwing my husband under the bus here, because it's almost like this was made for him. It technically says "Toddler Target" right on the light, but who cares? He's getting one anyway!

All jokes aside, this light could end up being a lifesaver, especially if you're working on toilet training and completely sick and tired of getting on your knees to clean up around the bowl every day.

It mounts directly to your toilet (as long as your bowl has a lid) and shines a battery-powered LED light right into the centre of the bowl. All you have to do is take aim and fire! It seems pretty easy to install and only costs $39.99 (plus shipping) – which you probably already spend on Lysol wipes every year just cleaning up your bathroom anyway. To run the light, you'll need three AAA batteries, which are included.

Just make sure you flush with the lid still up, because you don't want all that dirty water splashing around on the light. If accidents do happen, though, you should be able to just wipe the Toilet Target Light clean.

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