Today's Parent Magazine: Subscription Offer

Today's Parent Magazine: Subscription Offer


This is a pretty good deal if you like the "Today's Parent" magazine from Rogers Publishing, and even better if you and a friend would like to subscribe.

The deal is this: you can order a basic subscription for only $17.95, which consists of 13 issues. Additionally, if you order an extra subscription to the magazine as a gift, you can get that for only $12.95. As well as that, they will give you a free $5 Toys R Us gift card.

I thought it might be a particularly good offer if there are 2 of you interested in subscribing to the magazine, or even if you actually want to give it as a gift to a fellow mommie and daddie!

I think the regular cover price is $4.95 (am I right?).


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  • Catia
    And if you're a Rogers customer, you can order them for $1/monthly and it gets added to your wireless/home phone/internet/cable bill.
    • joy
      I get mine for $1. They have others too that they offer for this price for customers.