Tim Hortons: New Frozen Lemonade $1 all Summer

Tim Hortons: New Frozen Lemonade $1 all Summer

Tim Hortons has come out with a new delicious drink for summer and they will be selling it for just $1 until the end of summer!

From now until the end of summer you can order the new frozen lemonade in either lemon or raspberry flavor. My mouth just waters looking at this drink.  I already love Tim Hortons so this is just the icing on the cake. You can get the small size for $1 all summer long. This would make a nice little treat for dessert with family instead of going out for ice cream or at a sporting event.  I can't wait to go try one out!

(Expiry: Limited time offer)


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  • meme
    Tasted these last week, was super excited before but ended up dissapointed. To much sugar and no lemon flavor.
    • Kristin
      I agree with meme...liquid diabetes is what the strawberry one should be called. Very sweet!
      • Stephanie
        I just had a raspberry one. Didn't find it too sweet, and that's usually my complaint. It was also lemony enough without being sour. Maybe it's how they make it?