Tim Hortons Canada: Free Skating In Your Town!!

Tim Hortons Canada: Free Skating In Your Town!!


Tim Hortons Canada never fails me with their Free Skate sessions that they host allover Canada every year. Tim Hortons has just released their list of free skates and where they will be in a community near you, so go ahead and have a glance. Be sure to mark the date in your calendar, the kids will love it.

Skating is a sport that truly defines Canadians. Our national sport is Hockey, and almost everyone that I know has been taught to skate at some point in their life. As a Canadian child, they are almost expected to know how to skate and swim. That is where these free skate session as Tim Hortons come in handy. This is your chance to take your kids to the local arena and teach them how to skate - for free. 

Right now the only skate sessions that are listed are for Ontario and British Columbia, but you can expect the other provinces to follow suit shortly. My closest city is Burlington, Ontario and I am very impressed with how many different options there are available for the free skate sessions. I will be bringing my son to a few of these I am sure. I wonder if I have to buy skates, or if I can just rent some skates for him. It looks like each city has at least three different skating dates or locations, which makes it so that you can make sure you get your kids to at least one of the events, if not more.

I know that a lot of the outdoor skating rinks are usually free, but these Tim Hortons Skating Sessions are generally indoors which means you don't have to battle with the weather, wind or precipitation when teaching your little ones to skate. This is especially important if your kiddos are young like my son. Last year he wanted nothing to do with skating outdoors because the wind made it too cold.

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