TigerDirect Canada: $100 Off 240GB SanDisk SSD (Now $150) + More SSD Deals

TigerDirect Canada: $100 Off 240GB SanDisk SSD (Now $150) + More SSD Deals

Computer running a bit slow? Speed it up with an SSD from Tiger Direct Canada!

I really, really need to get myself an SSD. No, that's wrong, I don't need one but the geek in me wants one so bad! Of course being a responsible adult, I guess I should pay my mortgage, buy groceries for my family and pay off my insurance company imposed bathroom renovation (seriously, I'm not bitter..) instead of making upgrades to my computer.

Regardless, there are a bunch of you out there who do have the extra money and aren't paying for an unexpected full bathroom renovation. For those of you, this is a fantastic opportunity to get an SSD. SSD stands for Solid State Drive which, without becoming professor Shawn, means it's really fast. SSDs, at one point, were so pricey that you would pay a huge amount of money for a drive with very little space. At that point you would pretty much install your operating system and a few oft-used programs on it and that would be it. Now, with a 240GB drive for $149.97, you can afford to replace your main hard drive with one of these and still have a ton of usable space. This drive was $249.97 but you save $100 via instant savings and a $30 rebate. Shipping on this drive is about $10 but varies depending on where you live.

If this isn't the drive for you, there are two others available:

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