Thumb Page Holder 2 Pack Just $1 + Free Shipping @!

Thumb Page Holder 2 Pack Just $1 + Free Shipping @!


On my usual scroll through Facebook this morning I saw this nifty little trinket and had to have one. I searched through the world wide web and actually discovered that these little thumb page holders are totally affordable, you could own 5 if you wanted to. There is also a more expensive wooden version that is adorable as well, but these plastic ones are a lot more affordable.  You could own your very own set of Thumb Book Page Holders for just $1.07 including shipping.

So here you have it, two totally multifunctional Thumb Book Page Holders for just $1.07. What is their other function you ask? Simple! They can also be used as a book mark. If you read a lot of books like I do then you understand the pain of trying to hold your book open while reading for long periods of time. This little trinket is known to prevent that hand pain.Although, I am not sure how to prevent dropping the book on my face while I am reading in bed. Any ideas?!

I am not quite sure how these Aliexpress sellers can afford to ship everything for free, but hey I am not about to ask any questions. You really can't complain about the low price of these nifty items and I can't wait to try out my new Thumb Page Holder. I am wondering what colours I will get, although it doesn't really matter I guess. I do like the purple though. What colour do you hope to get? There are 9993 packs available right at this moment so hopefully they don't sell out anytime soon ;) This seller also has very positive feedback so I am sure you won't be disappointed with your purchase. There is Buyer Protection so if you don't receive your order or if the item is not as described then you will get your full refund. It is also wonderful that international shipping is included.

The wooden Thumb Book Holder I mentioned above is a lot cuter and more comfortable, but will cost you $9.90 on sale right now. That does include shipping though, but not quite a steal like paying $1.07 for the two plastic ones including shipping.

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  • Anna W.
    Great idea!
    • Deb S.
      I've bought a few of these and they are great! They used to be available through the Regal catalogue at one time. You could also get them at some book stores, but not at this great price! Didn't realize they come in a wooden version too. Must check that out. Thanks for the heads up, since a friend has been wanting more of these so now I can order some for her!