Threadless Tees: $10 Halloween Tees

Threadless Tees: $10 Halloween Tees

BUMP - sale now on!

My favorite t-shirt brand is having a Halloween sale, starting this Monday (19th October 2009)! All Threadless Halloween tees will be selling for only $10 each. With the strength of the loonie, it's a good encouragement to buy from Threadless, as they are a US company, which ship to Canada.

The Halloween sale will last for 24 hours only.

As of today, the Threadless coupon code weloveyoux999works to get an extra $3 discount on your order. Sometimes they disable these coupon code during special promotions, but it's worth giving it a try on Monday.

As I have mentioned in the past, shipping is crap if you're only buying 1 tee ($9 to Canada). You have to buy a few to spread the shipping cost out. I usually buy 3 every time one of these sales starts! Here is the graphic from the Threadless email, so you know what to expect on Monday.



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