Threadless Deal: $9 T-Shirt Sale! Be Quick!

Threadless Deal: $9 T-Shirt Sale! Be Quick!


I thought I'd let you folks know about the new Threadless sale. Now, I know this isn't a Canadian store, but it's one of my faves, and they ship worldwide. All the t-shirts on the Threadless website are only $9! Get in there quick if you want to make an order - they sometimes sell out really fast, when they have these great sales on.

I once saw someone commenting on a forum, saying why would they spend $9 on a threadless tee when you can get $2 tees at Walmart. In my opinion, Threadless tees are very different - you want to wear them, they're cool, you want to stand out in the crowd. And I for one sure as hell don't want to be featured on the people of walmart site.

As I mentioned previously, I already have TONS of Threadless tees, as you can see here on my flickr page, but I think it may well be time to order TONS more.

Shipping from Threadless

Shipping is a silly price if you're just ordering one t-shirt, so don't do that. It's best to order a few, and split the shipping over multiple items, as it only goes up a little bit with every tee that you add. The shipping fee was $9 for 1 tee, but $15 for 3 tees, if you see what I mean.


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