Threadless: 2010 Clearance Sale

Threadless: 2010 Clearance Sale


Threadless is saying goodbye to 2010 and getting ready for 2011 with a clearance sale. You can get shirts for as low as $5, hoodies as low as $20.

I personally think the t-shirt part of this sale is pathetic. Their is horrible selection for the men, and the girls, while their are a few nice tees, overall it falls short. Where I like this sale is in the $20 hoodies, since previously the cheapest hoodies know the Threadless were $25.

Their are three $20 hoodies for guys: Mucha Lucha, Dr. Swiss and MP(3). Dr. Swiss, a play on Dr. Suess and a swiss army knife, is my favourite of the three.  These were all originally $45 each.

For the girls we have the same three: Mucha Lucha, Dr. Swiss and MP(3) plus the girly zip up hoodie Splatter in D Minor. Again Dr. Swiss is fun, but I do like Splatter in D Minor... perhaps it comes from knowing too many musicians! All originally $45, discounted to $20.

Shipping can be expensive at Threadless, so I suggest teaming up with friends and/or family if you place an order and splitting the cost of shipping. It is a great way to save money and still get what you like at a good price.


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