Threadless $10 Sale This Thursday

Threadless $10 Sale This Thursday


This Thursday the 10th of June 2010, Threadless is having another one of their excellent $10 sales!

Here are the details from the email:

Summer Sale starts THURSDAY JUNE 10th at 10 am CT! The countdown is ON! RSVP to our invite for a chance at some awesome party favors! Get your carts filled and start counting down the seconds!

As I have mentioned a few times in the past, Threadless are one of my favourite companies in the whole world. I just adore their t-shirts, and I am accumulating quite a large collection! Here's one picture from my flickr page, but since that was taken I am sure I have bought about 15 more t-shirts. One of my favourites is "A birth day" but I have worn that tee so much that the thread is coming off on the hem.

But just remember, Threadless is a US company, but they ship worldwide. It just means you will need to take into account possible customs and shipping fees. But for this quality of clothing, it's worth paying that little bit extra, in my opinion.


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  • Avigayil ^ Those are awesome. So Tron-ee.
    • laura
      bought 5 shirts this morning all at $10 for father's day and hubby's bday!! first time buying so little nervous of the fits. thanks for the heads up on this deal!
      • Avigayil
        How much was shipping for the 5 shirts? *curious*
        • Anna
          I did a test, shipping to Winnipeg for 5 shirts is only $10.
      • laura
        it was $10. a bit steep in my opinion - but i am very cheap!! but my hubby deserves it.
        • Carrie
          I bought 5 shirts as well (3 for my husband, 2 for my kids), and I don't think that $10 is too bad for shipping. That makes each shirt $12 - for a good quality, unique shirt, I think that's a great price! My husband can't wait for his shirts to get here! He's like a kid.
          • Laura
            just got home from Orlando last night and we all took our totally cool threadless tshirts and got a ton of compliments on all of them! They are a great tshirts, fit great and wash really well. i think i will suck the ten dollar shipping charge and buy some more when they are on sale again. the worst thing i can say is that it took a full three weeks to ship to Calgary.
            • Anna
              Yes - it's a universal thing with threadless tees - people seem to recognise them wherever you go. I've been recognised in Winnipeg, London, Vegas... and more!
            • Laura
              **opps** meant to say i will suck UP the ten dollar shipping charge :P