The Ultimate Steal: Great Deal For Students On Microsoft Office!

The Ultimate Steal: Great Deal For Students On Microsoft Office!

Bargainmooser Laura dropped me an email about a great deal from Microsoft - believe it or not! The Ultimate Steal crops up every year around this time, as it is a deal targeted at the back-to-school crowd.

Here's what Laura says:

Been following your website for a while and I think I have a deal that’s right up your alley. With the back-to-school season quickly creeping up on us, I thought your university-aged readers might be interested in learning about a deal Microsoft is offering university students on Office Ultimate 2007. Microsoft is making the suite available to students for only $64, which is a 91% saving over its usual retail price of $889.

Ok, it may not be  the sexiest product out there, but it will definitely come in handy for students pulling together their English term papers and statistics spreadsheets. And at this price students won’t have to dip into their food budget to make it happen... The only requirements you need to meet to be eligible for the deal are that you must be a university or college student at an educational institution located in Canada and that you have a valid university or college email address. Also, Office

Thanks Laura! I think that's a pretty good price for the package. I know that some Microsoft haters would not be interested in this deal at all, and mention that you can use the likes of Open Office for free... but some of us are regular Microsoft Word users and would be interested in the deal.

I recently upgraded from Microsoft Office 2003 to the 2007 package. It feels very "Web 2.0" but I am having a bit of difficulty in getting used to it. In Word for example, I was so used to things being where they were, I'm kind of having to completely re-learn how to use it! I must have used Word 2003 for about 5 years, so you really do get used to it. However, life changes, and I guess I have to keep up with the times!

Are you heading off to university soon? I was googling for various info, as my niece is heading off to uni soon. There's an interesting article on where 90,000 students grade their schools - good read.


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  • Sean H.
    Hey Anna, I overheard a great comment the other day about the Ribbon interface in Office 2007, "Once you conform, it's not so bad". It's like the Borg. Once you give up and get used to it, it's supposed to be great. I'm still in the same camp as you though... I find myself looking for the dropdowns. ;)
    • Shayne
      This is a GREAT steal!! Does anyone know if it is just for Windows? I am assuming so, but I was wondering if they had a version for Mac.
      • Anna
        @Sean - I will not be assimilated! @Shayne - doesn't say anything about Mac compatibility at all.
        • Robert
          This is a sweet deal. My daughter's new netbook came with a 60 day trail of Office 2007 so now I can upgrade her to the full version for a very small price. This means for under $400.00 she has a 1kg (2.2 lb) Acer netbook, 10.1" screen and Office 2007. This is a perfect package for any student going to university/college.