The Source: Save $100 Acer Aspire Laptop Now $299.99 & Free Shipping

The Source: Save $100 Acer Aspire Laptop Now $299.99 & Free Shipping


Is your child going back to school next week (or this week)? Then you may need a new laptop to send with them. Most high school and university students require a laptop to complete their assignments, do research, and write papers. The Source Canada has discounted the Acer Aspire ES1512C2FA 15.6" laptop from $399.99 down to just $299.99 with free shipping. This laptop is a great basic for back to school shopping.

If your kid wants a computer, it is best to not spend a fortune on a new laptop that will be covered in Coke and Doritos most the time. This Acer Aspire laptop has everything they need at a price that you can handle. The laptop has Intel N2840 dual-core processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB HD, and it comes with Windows 8.1. All Windows 8.1 systems qualify for a free upgrade to Windows 10. From my experience, Windows 10 is superior to Windows 8.1, thus you will want to upgrade the computer as soon as you get it.

Now, I price compared this exact laptop with other online retailers. It currently costs $328 @ Walmart Canada, $399.99 @ Tiger Direct Canada, and $419.99 at Visions. This laptop also has very pleased reviews for an inexpensive unit:

very good laptop with a lot of power for his price i would recommend you this its very nice!


I mostly use it for browsing online and its good and fast I'm extremely happy with this and will recommend it to anyone.

Laptops have a life cycle of about four years these days. Most of my laptops have blown their hard drive before their fifth birthday so I give my current laptop another one to two years before it decides to flip its lid. I know that there are $1000 laptops out there, but most of us cannot throw $1000 at a laptop every four years... it just becomes a very expensive hobby for something we generally need for work, business, school, and communication. However, $300 is an easy price to swallow as - over four years - that works out to around $75 per year or only $6.25 per month if your computer were to last exactly four years.

I do not often post laptop deals as they tend to be larger purchases that people only make every few years. However, this deal just seemed nice enough to warrant your attention.

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