The Source: Get a $25 Gift Card When you Spend $100 Online or In-Store

The Source: Get a $25 Gift Card When you Spend $100 Online or In-Store

FREE is good, FREE money is better. Get your FREE money at the Source! If you spend $100 or more, you will get a free $25 gift card for a future purchase.

All you have to do is print off the coupon, bring it up on your phone in store or add Item #7702001 to your cart when shopping online to get a FREE $25 The Source gift card!

This sale got me thinking about what I would get if I was doing this deal. This is what I came up with and why.

  • Sandisk 16GB Micro SD Card w/ Adapter - Item #4419165 - Now $16.99 - The 8GB card I have in my phone now is fine but every so often I start to run out of space and need to delete something. The one I have now is a Sandisk and it's never let me down. You can pay more or less but this is just right.
  • Samsung Flip Cover For Galaxy Note 2 - Item #8006670 - Now $39.99 - This is turning in to a phone-centric list. It'll change with my next item. I love my phone but this is the one item that I wish I had bought right away. I usually hate cases but this one is pretty cool. You take the back off your phone and replace it with this case that also has a cover for the screen. It's kind of like the cover Apple released with the iPad 2. My son ran the phone over the floor - screen down - not long after I got it and put some pretty nasty scratches in it. A $40 purchase would have saved my $700 phone.
  • Playstation Dualshock 3 Wireless Controller - Item #5819168 - Now $44.99 - I've been gaming for just about two decades and I have never owned a second controller for any console past the SNES. PSX, PS2, PS3, just one controller. I think it's just been a product of my environment. PSX - All my friends were gearheads and sports guys. PS2 - I lived out in the sticks and whenever my buddies came over they brought their own controller. PS3 - I'm old and have no friends. My wife hates pretty much every game I own. Actually, I own two Wii controllers and two Wii Wheels because my wife actually likes some of the games on the Wii. Regardless, the one controller I have for my PS3 is a little beat up so a second one is in order.

And that magical list adds up to $101.97, just enough to qualify for my FREE $25 gift card!

Shipping varies depending on where you are and what you get but The Source does offer FREE shipping to their retail outlets on most products.

(Expires: 16th June 2013)


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