The Source Boxing Day Sale - Featuring $50 Off Apple iPods & More!

The Source Boxing Day Sale - Featuring $50 Off Apple iPods & More!

The Source Boxing Day sale is coming! And if it's anything like last year's sale, it will include savings on television, headphones, speakers, MP3 players and more. We will be keeping our eyes peeled for discounts on the ever popular apple iPods and Touch... and will be posting them right here so you won't miss a thing! Receive free shipping on orders of $25 or free shipping on any order to your local store.

Here are some of our favourite savings from last year:

The Source offered a Boxing Deal on Apple TV from $89.99 down to $79.99. Given that it was still full price @ Best Buy, we were all over it! Almost all Apple iPods and Touch were on sale, too!

The iPod Touch 6th generation 16GB unit was on sale from $249.99 down to $199.99. This device was also full price @ Best Buy and full price @ Walmart, so again, we were all over it!. The 32GB and 64GB units were also on sale for $30 to $50 off their original prices.

The Apple iPod nano 7th Generation 16GB was also included in this sale. Originally $179.99 (current price at Best Buy) this iPod was on sale for $149.99.

The Fluid 43GY15-T4 43” 1080P DLED HDTV was also on sale from $419.99 down to $299.99. This was a great price for such a large full HD TV.

For PlayStation 4 owners, the Dualshock 4 PS4 controller was on sale from $74.99 down to $49.99. We also saw Monster Isport Victory In-ear Headphones on sale, originally $169.99, they were marked down to $49.99. Best Buy had them on sale for $99.95 and SportChek had them for $135.96, so ti was a steal. The Fluid 2.0 Channel Soundbar was also on sale at last year's sale from $109.99 down to $49.99.

The Source also gave away a number of free $25 savings cards, redeemable online from Jan. 7-20, 2017. The $25 discount applies to purchases of $150 or more only.


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