The Source Canada: 50% off Headrush Speakers

The Source Canada: 50% off Headrush Speakers


There is a selection of Headrush speakers at The Source on sale for 50% of their original price right now.

So franky, I think the bluetooth speaker is the best thing since the iPhone. Mostly because I connect my iPhone wirelessly to my bluetooth speaker all the time to magically stream tunes from my hand, table, or pocket to the ears of my friends and family. I even bring my speaker to class when I do presentations to play some nice background music or an intro tune to bring joy to all the little boys and girls.

If you don't have a bluetooth speaker, you need one. This Headrush Pop-Up Speaker is your most budget-friendly option. Originally $19.99, it is now on sale for $9.99. Reviewers have said it is a great sounding unit for the cost.

If your budget can handle a bit more then you have several sweet options. This Headrush NFC/Bluetooth Speaker with interchangeable faceplates was $49.99 and is now $24.99. The Headrush Swiftbeat Speaker is another excellent choice at this price point as it also originally cost $49.99 and is now $24.99. What is great about these units is they both qualify for free shipping right now because The Source is currently allowing orders of $20 or more to ship for free. Bonus!

Last but not least, the Headrush Backbeat speaker in your choice of black or white is discounted from $99.99 down to $49.99.

(Expiry: 23rd April 2014)


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