The Source: 2GB Jelly USB Drive for $6.79

The Source: 2GB Jelly USB Drive for $6.79


We received this deal compliments of Mooser Kristen, thank you! The Source is offering a sweet little 2gb usb flash drive for only $7.99. When you use the coupon code mentioned HERE it brings the price down to $6.79! SourceJelly

  • Coupon code: 044389 to get the extra 15% off

Here is what Kristen had to say about the Jelly Drive:

I was in The Source today and found out they have a sale on until November 24 (in-store and online) for little jelly USB drives! I picked one up and it's no more than an inch long, but the jelly-ness means it can take a beating wherever you put it! Also, I find it handy to have a couple of USB keys since I will often lend one to a friend and then keep one so that I'm not stuck without one while my friend has it.

The Jelly drive is usually $9.99 so you are saving $3.20 or 32% of the original price. I have several flash drives and find them very handy as well!


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  • Kristen
    You're welcome, Anna and Avigayil! :)
    • Tania
      Ordered mine today! I'm always losing flash drives. Thanks!