The Shopping Channel: Kettlenetics Now $29.95 (Was $49.95) + Free Shipping

The Shopping Channel: Kettlenetics Now $29.95 (Was $49.95) + Free Shipping

I am still working on that New Years resolution to get into shape. I just found a good deal on Kettlenetics at The Shopping Channel. You save $20! Pay only $29.95 (was $49.95) and get free shipping as well.

The kit includes:

  • 2 Workout DVDs
  • Workout Chart
  • 4lb Kbell

Both reviews this set has are fabulous: 5/5 stars! They agree it is an awesome workout and one reviewer has even bought these as gifts. The other reviewer said:

I bought this last year when it was on the Shopping Channel and raved about the changes that I experienced. I had used the Pilates Reformer for a whole year and did not see any of the changes that I have experienced with this program. I purchased another kettleball program so I could alternate. The other program ended up being sent back. I love, love Michelle Khai as an instructor. She does sequencing, saturation and uses great description for positions, reinforces correct posture and acutally is doing everything along with the audience.

I am so tempted to buy this, but I already have weights (and a yoga mat) and don't use them nearly enough to justify buying this. I hate to see things laying around not being used! However, this program sounds really good and the free shipping is a major bonus because the kbell itself weights 4 lbs!

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