The Shopping Channel: Free $10 Gift Cards

The Shopping Channel: Free $10 Gift Cards


Right now, The Shopping Channel is offering everyone a free $10 gift card for signing up to their email newsletter!

The offer is worth signing up for, and then storing the $10 gift card in your email until a good offer appears - because it will be valid to the 31st of December 2010. I recommend signing up to their email newsletters anyway because they email each day with their "showstopper" offers. Sometimes there can be really good bargains in there, like this Nescafé Dolce Gusto which I posted last month.

As far as I can tell, the $10 gift card has no minimum spend either, so it could come in handy.


Only 1 $10 Savings Card issued per person/email address. $10 Savings Card code & PIN will be issued via email, to the email address specified at the time of registration. While quantities last.

(Ends 20th October 2010)


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  • Annie
    I filled this out the other day ago and didn't receive any email at all regarding the 10 dollar card. Anyone else with same problem? I looked in my junk mail and it wasn't there either.
    • Diane52
      I signed up the other day as well and haven't received an email although I added the address to my contacts. I just signed up again and still nothing.
      • Allie
        I saw somewhere it's supposed to be emailed on the 25th of October. After that I won't expect to get it.
        • Avigayil
          Anyone get this yesterday? I just took a gander through my junk mail and still no go. I'm surprised such a big website like The Shopping Channel would choose to piss off so many people so openly.
          • Avigayil
            I JUST GOT MINE!!!!
            • Anna
              Brilliant! Let's keep our eyes out for some good deals from them now.
              • Ashley
                I just gone mine too! Hope this counts towards shipping as well :)