The Gap Canada: Bring in Old Jeans, Get 30% Off New

The Gap Canada: Bring in Old Jeans, Get 30% Off New


Have an old pair of denim kicking around? Bring them in between October 6 - 20th to get 30% off a pair of 1969 jeans at The Gap. This offer is only valid on regular price jeans, so no getting 30% off sale jeans. The funny thing is the offer doesn't say if the denim you bring in has to be Gap denim or not, so I would assume not since it doesn't say so. It does say 'see in store for details' though.

I am sure we all have certain places things in our wardrobe come from, and all my jeans come from The Gap. Hands down they are the best fit I have found so far. Though a tad bit pricy, I got all 5 pairs of my current jeans on promotions of 25%+ off and more. That makes them by far more affordable. The one pair I got for $20 (orig. $69). Thats sweet. I like gap jeans.


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  • Ivy
    GAP emailed people 30% printable coupon on regular priced goods. This one, you get 30% off , but you have to sacrifice one pair of jeans. Can this combine with 30% off coupon as well? otherwise, it doesn't make sense.
    • Avigayil
      I wouldn't consider it sacrificing, more recycling - if you don't use that pair of jeans anymore.. they don't fit.. etc. A lot of the 30% off coupons are exclusive which works for people on the Gap mailing list, but not for those who don't join it (dunno why they wouldn't).