The Gap Canada, Banana Republic & Old Navy Promo Code

The Gap Canada, Banana Republic & Old Navy Promo Code


This is a handy discount for those of you shopping online at The Gap Canada, Banana Republic or OId Navy. It's a 10% promo code, for those of you with Visa cards.

Click here to shop online @ Old Navy Canada & more

  • CouponCode: CAVISA10
  • Discount: 10% off
  • Expires: 31st December 2010

The promo code doesn't DOES work with other promo codes, like the buy 1 get 1 free on sweaters which we recently posted. So you could work out what you want, and see which apply all the promo codes. It does work on sale items from the 3 stores.

Remember, you can add items to your cart from all 3 online stores, and it is 1 simple checkout process. Shipping is free on $50 a spend too.


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  • tanya
    I just placed an order with Old Navy, I used both promo codes (ONSWEATER and this CAVISA10) and they both worked. Got 12 items and it cost me $125.00!!!!
    • Anna
      Wow! I didn't realise they both worked!!! Yay! Updating the post now :)
    • Jill
      I had to order a million pairs of flipflops for a wedding thing, and it totally worked! Yay!
      • joy
        You always seem to post things the day AFTER I placed an order! I wonder if they would have stacked this onto my $10 off $50 purchase and the free sweater code??
        • joy
          Nope, just tried to stack more promos and it won't work, you can only stack 2 promos. They do like to take the full 7-10 business days for their free shipping. It took them 7 business days just to get an order out of their warehouse!
        • Tammy
          I just stacked the codes and I was all ready to enter my VISA number ( my default is Mastercard) but it also accepted my Mastercard as form of payment. So for those of you who don't have a VISA, you should be able to use the code too.
          • lisa
            there is still 50% off of outerwear ... then you use this code and get an additional 10% off ... got my daughter a jacket for $20 ... awesome deal
            • sarah m.
              awesome, thanks for the post about using mastercard as well, both work! Yay, i love getting a deal, and free shipping too (which has gone back to $50, from $25) also they have a great deal on pajammas this week, lots for $8, but sizes are picked over.