THE FORCE AWAKENS HD Digital Rental Only $6 @ The Cineplex Store

THE FORCE AWAKENS HD Digital Rental Only $6 @ The Cineplex Store

If you're looking for a fun and inexpensive way to celebrate May The Fourth Be With You day with your family, you might want to rent the blockbuster Star Wars hit The Force Awakens this evening!

You can rent digital movies at The Cineplex Store. It's only $6 for an HD digital rental, or $5 for an SD (lower resolution) rental of 'The Force Awakens.' In this case, only HD will do justice to such an incredible movie. There is a huge list of devices that support the movie rental so that you can watch it on your TV with your family, just check out this list here.

Once you rent The Force Awakens, you will have thirty days to watch your rental, but remember once you have clicked play or download on your rental you have 48 hours with that rental. I like this idea, because a person could rent several movies in advance that you select with the kids (under 30 days before you go on summer holidays, and making sure the 30 day expiry isn't while you are still on holidays!) The movies would be ready to watch as long as you have a wifi connection at your destination.

Obviously shipping is not an issue as it is a digital download, just make sure you know what your internet usage caps are prior to renting it.

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